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Archinerds, curated social media about architecture

Year: 2015

Type: Communication, social media

Status: Ongoin

The image has always had incredible power over our nature, able to influence our memory and become a vector of meanings and aspirations. This is even more true in this historical moment, marked by an explosion in the production and dissemination of images through digital means. The relationship between architecture and image is dense, but the image is always a representation, it can describe or narrate, but it will never be enough to understand an architecture and the complex process that led to its creation.

With this in mind and wishing to disseminate architectural images in a culturally and socially sustainable way, I co-founded Archinerds with Eliano Felicio in 2015. Since 2018, I have been personally editing it with the help of Mirabilia.

We are present on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where we post carefully selected images every day. We pay attention to time, speed and memory; Passion for the work of the masters, the ancient, the unusual and the alternative; Representations of space that vary in form and format: Photography, painting, collage, models, sketches and digital that can reconnect us with the history and theory of architecture.

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All images are accompanied by an essential caption, the minimum necessary to ensure the identification and naming of the main authors of the images and architectures. This editorial line, which we have maintained since the beginning of our project, stems from the conviction that social media is not a place for in-depth studies, perhaps for serendipity.

Would you like to share your project with the Archinerds community? If you think it fits the content we publish, submit your photos to archinerds. Please send us at least one image and an essential caption with the project name, authors, location, date, and photo credit. You can also tag us on Instagram or use the hashtag #archinerds.

Sometimes we are not able to find all the credits for the images we share. If you are a photographer or someone who knows the correct copyright for a particular image, please contact us. We will do our best to maintain the correct information and credits.

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