Giuseppe Gallo, photo Marita Madio
Photo Marita Madio

Giuseppe Gallo

Architectural engineer, designer and researcher, PhD in Architecture at the University of Palermo, and former visiting academic at the University of East London. I am the former creative director of Mirabilia, a web and communication agency I co-founded in Palermo in 2007. There I managed communication design processes for clients of diverse scales. With Mirabilia I have won several awards, including Firefox Flicks and IDA International Design Award. Some of my projects have been published by Taschen, De Agostini, DesignBoom, ArchDaily, World Architecture Community, Archilovers and others. I am the editor-in-chief of Archinerds, a curated social media gallery focused on the relationship between image and architecture.

My research focuses on design processes and digital methods, as well as the impact of information technology and automation on culture, dwelling, and communication.


Searching for an appropriate word to define my experiences and inclinations, only one Italian word comes to mind: Progetto. A term that in English we can just as easily translate as design, project or plan, and is full of positive aspirations for the future, rooted in history and the possibilities of the present.

As technology expands our capabilities far beyond previous boundaries and leaves ever deeper marks on our existence, we recognise the new breadth that the word design has achieved. It goes beyond architecture, graphic and industrial design to encompass the project of processes, services and systems that touch all areas of knowledge.

Similarly, the term designer unites all of humanity, from specialists in aerospace engineering research to ordinary users of social media who conceive posts to get views and measure results using data and metrics.
This presents us with a cultural challenge to address in terms of inclusion and openness, responsibility and awareness, which we can win by putting people and our environment at the heart of our practice.

If you would like to know more about my experience, education and training, please view my full CV.

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