Selected Brand Design

A small selection of my projects as a brand designer, which I have developed for Mirabilia clients with different markets, scales and purposes
Giuseppe Gallo, Brand and communication designer

Year: 2014 – 2021

Type: Brand design

Status: Completed

Among the activities I have been doing as a graphic designer for over 15 years, brand design is the one I love the most. Because despite the depth required to work on a symbol capable of communicating the values of a company or initiative, brand design requires the designer to broaden his or her vision to themes that change with each project, archetypes that populate global culture, contemporary communication opportunities and data.

Designing a brand is about developing a sign capable of digging into the memory of those who see it, evoking values and emotions. But it is also about developing an entire graphic language that encompasses an ever-increasing number of applications, coherent with each other and with the narrative developed by corporate communications.

The great power of brands is clear in the success of large international companies that address a global market and focus on creating complex and branched communication standards that involve every employee and every process in the protection and development of the company’s public reputation.

Any corporate initiative that aims to compete in an international market requires an in-depth study of the graphic identity that develops within the group’s capabilities. For this reason, the design of a brand is also an activity of process forecasting, standards and control that evolves around a constantly changing organisational body.

Here I have collected some of the brand design projects undertaken with Mirabilia in recent years. These are projects of varying size and scale, aimed at both local initiatives and large global companies with different communication capabilities and needs. What unites them is the attention to the ever-changing specifics of the project, starting from listening and research.

Brand Design for Geophisics, Solgeo
rebranding for global geophisics company, Solgeo, Bergamo, Italy

Solgeo rebranding

Geophisical solutions

Solgeo is a geophysical instruments developer with over 20 years of experience and clients around the world. Together with Mirabilia, I developed a rebranding for the company to solve communication problems and unify the company’s graphic language. In doing so, I considered the distinct divisions of the group and the target audiences Solgeo addresses, as well as the material the company has been producing since its creation.

communication design for international architectural firm, Wirz Architects
Brand design for international architectural firm, Wirz Architects

Wirz Architects brand design


Wirz Architects is an architectural practice with offices in London and Naples. The office director is Fulvio Wirz who, after ten years of experience as an associate for Zaha Hadid Architects, started his entrepreneurial initiative realising projects in Europe and the United Arab Emirates. The brand expresses the values of technological innovation and elegance that characterise the architecture designed by the studio.

Brand design for machine learning startup, Seismix, Palermo, Italy
Brand and communication design for machine learning startup, Seismix, Palermo, Italy

Brand design for Seismix

Scientific consulting

Italian startup engaged in research and development of artificial intelligence methods for geophysical monitoring and seismic surveys. The company’s clients include some of the leading sustainable energy companies in Europe. We, therefore, aimed our brand design at a technical audience that can recognise in its logo the distinctive shapes of focal mechanisms: Diagrams used by geophysicists to locate earthquakes.

Communication design for luxury hospitality structure in Siciy, Italy, Nereidi
Brand design for luxury hospitality structure in Siciy, Italy, Nereidi

Nereidi logo and brand design


Nereidi is an hospitality structure located a few meters from the sea in one of the most characteristic coastal villages on the outskirts of Palermo. Therefore, our naming is a tribute to the nymphs of the Mediterranean tradition. The graphic identity project evokes the sea horizon, the blue of the water and the azure of the sky that guests can enjoy.

Packaging design for Koffea, Coffee producer in Palermo, Sicily
branding and packaging for Koffea, Coffee producer in Italy

Brand design and packaging for Koffea


Koffea is an interesting initiative developed by an entrepreneur with many years of experience in the coffee industry. The project was born from a collection of coffee blends that provide an immediate release of energy and, combined with a healthy and conscious diet, allow you to face the working day with great vitality. Hence the project of a bold sign characterised by intense colours such as black and orange.

Brand design for Progetto Sistema, classical music for social innovation in Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Communication design for Progetto Sistema, classical music social initiative in Palermo

Brand and communication design for Progetto Sistema

Social initiative

Progetto Sistema is a social initiative of the Palermo friends of music association and several schools in Sicily. The project, based on “El Sistema” by José Antonio Abreu, aims to bring music closer to children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods by proposing learning a musical instrument as an opportunity for social innovation. The graphic identity project, developed with Stefania Filì, uses some characteristic shapes of musical notes to form a sun, an archetypal sign of positivity and life (photo Rossellina Garbo).

Brand design for fashion retail company, Sike, Sicily, Italy
Brand design for fashion retail company, Sike, Sicily, Italy

Communication design for Siké


The clothing brand proposes an evolution of the Sicilian aesthetic language, using reclaimed fabrics to create accessories and knitwear in vibrant colours. The graphic identity project follows the company’s philosophy, proposing a clear brand reminiscent of a thread made of fabric and a hyper-coloured pattern used for commercial communication.

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